Pronk Pops Show 38, July 27, 2011: Segment 0: Tea Party Democrats, Republicans, and Independents Betrayed–Tell The Democratic and Republican Establishments To Balance The Budget and Cut The Debt Ceiling–Just Say No To Obama, Reid, Boehner and Ryan Unbalanced Budgets–Videos

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Segment 0: Tea Party Democrats, Republicans, and Independents Betrayed–Tell The Democratic and Republican Establishments To Balance The Budget and Cut The Debt Ceiling–Just Say No To Obama, Reid, Boehner and Ryan Unbalanced Budgets–Videos

Lying Politicians And Words

“By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.”

~George Carlin

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

~Abraham Lincoln

Rand Paul Blasts Reid, Boehner Plans Fox News Video FoxNews com

John Boehner Goes Back On The Head Of The Republican Parties Radio Show Rush Limbaugh

FOX: DeMint Slams Reid & Boehner Plans

Mark Levin Interviews Jim Demint – I’m Not Encouraged By Whats Going On In Washington Right Now

The tea party movement has been betrayed by the Republican Party establishment leadership including John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.

The big dirty secret the the ruling class in Washington D.C. do not want the American people to know is the Fiscal Year 2012 budget will be in deficit my about $1,000 billion.

This is not fiscally responsible nor is it a “balance approach”.

The Democratic and Republican Establishment aka the “ruling class” are addicted in spending money the American people do not have on things the American people do not need.

They try to fool the American people with phoney cuts in the growth of the current services baseline budget by emphasing trillion dollar “cuts” over a ten year budget timeframe.

There are never any cuts in the current service baseline budget only cuts in the growth rates over ten years of the budget baseline.

The American people are not fooled by this nonsense and rubbish.

The only year that counts is Fiscal Year 2012 that starts October 1, 2011 and ends September 30, 2012.

The only cuts that are real are actual cuts in the budget baseline itself and not cuts in the rate of growth of that baseline.

Dan Mitchell Exposing DC’s Fake Spending-Cut Scam with Judge Napolitano

It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

Stop budgeting to the current services budget baseline and budget to estimated tax revenue collections.

Stop closed door deals, commissions, select committees and gangs.

Stop lying and misleading the American people.

Vote against any budget that is not balanced.

Vote against any increase in the National Debt ceiling.

Vote for closing permanently Government Departments, Agenices and hundreds of programs.

Vote for cutting the Budget Baseline not for cutting the rate of growth of the Budget Baseline!

Vote for the FairTax. The political ruling class is bought and paid for and are wrecking the economy, detroying jobs and killing the American Dream.

The American people will eventually learn the secret and that both political parties have been lying to them.

A plague on both political parties. Both parties are responsible for the bloated budgets and massive deficits.

Let the party establishments clean their own mess up. The Democratic and Republican Party establishments simply do not give a flip about the American people.

Suggest you listen to the late George Carlin.

George Carlin -“Who Really Controls America”

“Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist.”

“Always do whatever’s next.”

~George Carlin

Background Articles and Videos

Neither the Republican Party nor Democratic Party Fiscal Year 2012 budget proposals are the road to peace and prosperity but a Tea Party budget with balanced budgets most definitely is:

Which Budgets Are Balanced And Living Within The Means of The American People?

4/5/11 Republican Leadership Press Conference

O’Reilly — Does Obama Care About the Economy?

Democrats’ Budget Plan – “Blank Check”

Democratic Party Budget Proposals

S-1 FY2012 President’s Budget

(Nominal Dollars in Billions)

Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues Deficits Debt Held By Public
2011 3,819 2,174 -1,645 10,856
2012 3,729 2,627 -1,101 11,881
2013 3,771 3,003 -768 12,784
2014 3,977 3,333 -646 13,562
2015 4,190 3,583 -607 14,301
2016 4,468 3,819 -649 15,064
2017 4,669 4,042 -627 15,795
2018 4,876 4,257 -619 16,513
2019 5,154 4,473 -681 17,284
2020 5,442 4,686 -735 18,103
2021 5,697 4,923 -774 18,967
2012-2021 45,952 38,747 -7,205 n.a.

Republican Party Budget Proposals

S-1 FY2012 Chairman’s Markup

(Nominal Dollars in Billions)

Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues Deficits Debt Held By Public
2011 3,618 2,230 -1,388 10,351
2012 3,529 2,533 -995 11,418
2013 3,559 2,860 -699 12,217
2014 3,586 3,094 -492 12,801
2015 3,671 3,237 -434 13,326
2016 3,858 3,377 -481 13,886
2017 3,998 3,589 -408 14,363
2018 4,123 3,745 -379 14,800
2019 4,352 3,939 -414 15,254
2020 4,544 4,142 -402 15,681
2021 4,739 4,354 -385 16,071
2012-2021 39,958 34,870 -5,088 n.a.

Sen. Toomey Unveils his FY 2012 Budget

Senator Pat Toomey Talks with Michael Medved about his Budget

S-1 FY2012 Senator Pat Toomey(Nominal Dollars in Billions)
Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues DeficitsSurplus Debt Held By Public
2011 3,625 2,230 -1,351 10,351
2012 3,477 2,538 -919 11,418
2013 3,485 2,964 -521 12,217
2014 3,509 3,216 -291 12,801
2015 3,623 3,391 -233 13,326
2016 3,765 3,524 -241 13,886
2017 3,853 3,736 -117 14,363
2018 3,955 3,916 -39 14,800
2019 4,140 4,108 -32 15,254
2020 4,302 4,325 23 15,681
2021 4,493 4,566 73 16,071
2012-2021 38,602 36,304 -2298 n.a.

SA@TAC – The GOP, War and the Debt

3/09/11: Sen. Rand Paul on balancing the budget

03/17/11: Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Five-Year Balanced Budget Plan

S-1 FY2012 Senator Rand Paul(Nominal Dollars in Billions)
Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues DeficitsSurpluses Debt Held By Public
2011 3,708 2,228 -1,480 10,430
2012 3,100 2,547 -553 11,051
2013 3,152 2,755 -397 11,532
2014 3,227 3,088 -139 11,748
2015 3,360 3,244 -116 11,942
2016 3,430 3,349 19 11,997
2012-2016 16,269 15,083 -1,188 n.a.

Tea Party Budget Proposals

S-1 FY2012 Tea Party’s Balanced/Surplus Budget(Nominal Dollars in Billions)
Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues Surpluses Debt Held By Public
2012 2,500 2,500 0 10,900
2013 2,800 2,800 0 10,900
2014 3,000 3,000 0 10,900
2015 3,200 3,200 0 10,900
2016 3,300 3,300 0 10,900
2017 3,400 3,500 100 10,800
2018 3,500 3,700 200 10,600
2019 3,600 3,900 300 10,300
2020 3,700 4,000 300 10,000
2021 3,800 4,300 500 9,500
2012-2021 32,800 34,200 1,400 n.a.

Peter Ferrara’s Too-Nice Attack on Phony Washington Budget Deals

Posted by Daniel J. Mitchell

“…Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Peter Ferrara of the Institute for Policy Innovation explains that Washington budget deals don’t workbecause politicians never follow through on promised spending cuts. This is a very relevant argument, since President Obama’s so-called Deficit Reduction Commission supposedly is considering a deal featuring $3 of spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases (disturbingly reminiscent of what was promised — but never delivered — as part of the infamous 1982 TEFRA budget scam).

Washington’s traditional approach to balancing the budget is to negotiate an agreement on a package of benefit cuts and tax increases. President Obama’s deficit commission seems likely to recommend just this strategy in December. The problem is that it never works. What happens is the tax increases get permanently adopted into law. But the spending cuts are almost never fully adopted and, even if they are, they are soon swept away in the next spendthrift budget. Then — because taxes weaken incentives to produce — the tax increases don’t raise the revenue that Congress initially projected and budgeted to spend. So the deficit reappears. In 1982, congressional Democrats promised President Ronald Reagan $3 in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increases. Reagan went to his grave waiting for those spending cuts. Then there was the budget deal in 1990, when President George H.W. Bush agreed to violate his famous campaign pledge — “Read my lips, no new taxes,” he had said in 1988 — in pursuit of a balanced budget. But after the deal, the deficit increased substantially: to $290 billion in 1992 from $221 billion in 1990.

As the excerpt indicates, Peter’s column is solid and everything he writes is correct, but it suffers from one major sin of omission. He should have exposed the dishonest practice of using “current services” or “baseline” budgeting. This is the clever Washington practice of assuming that all previously planned spending increases should go into effect and categorizing any budget that increases spending by a lower amount as a spending cut. In other words, if the hypothetical “baseline” budget increases by 7 percent, and a budget is proposed that increases spending by 4 percent, that 4 percent spending increase magically gets transformed into a 3 percent spending cut. Politicians love “current services” or “baseline” budgeting for two reasons. First, it allows them to have their cake and eat it too. They can simultaneously shovel more money to interest groups while telling voters they are “cutting” spending. Second, it rigs the process in favor of bigger government. This is because lawmakers who actually propose to restrain the growth of spending can be lambasted for wanting “savage” and “draconian” budget cuts totaling “trillions of dollars” when all they’re actually proposing is to have spending grow by less than the so-called baseline. But since people in the real world use honest math rather than “current services” math, they assume that spending is being reduced next year by some large amount compared to what is being spent this year. And if the phony budget cut numbers sound too big (especially for specific programs such as Medicare or Medicaid), they sometimes conclude that it would be better to raise taxes. Speaking of which, the same misleading process works on the revenue side of the budget. The politicians automatically get to keep whatever additional revenue is generated by population growth and higher incomes, which is not trivial since revenue in a typical year grows faster than nominal GDP. But when they do a budget deal featuring X dollars of tax increases for every Y dollars of spending cuts, the additional taxes are always on top of the revenue increases that already are occurring. And since the supposed spending cuts invariably are nothing more than reductions in planned increases, it should come as no surprise that the burden of spending always seems to increase. …”

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