Pronk Pops Show 29, May 25, 2011: Segment 4: Memo To Washington Republican Party Establishment–You Are Not Listening To The American People–Read Our Lips–“Cut Spending and Balance The Budget Starting With Fiscal Year 2012”–Videos

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Segment 4: Memo To Washington Republican Party Establishment–You Are Not Listening To The American People–Read Our Lips–“Cut Spending and Balance The Budget Starting With Fiscal Year 2012”–Videos


“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Start Listening to Senator Paul:

3/09/11: Sen. Rand Paul on balancing the budget

03/17/11: Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Five-Year Balanced Budget Plan

S-1 FY2012 Senator Rand Paul

(Nominal Dollars in Billions)

Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues DeficitsSurplus Debt Held By Public
2011 3,708 2,228 -1,480 10,430
2012 3,100 2,547 -553 11,051
2013 3,152 2,755 -397 11,532
2014 3,227 3,088 -139 11,748
2015 3,360 3,244 -116 11,942
2016 3,430 3,349 19 11,997
2012-2016 16,269 15,083 -1,188 n.a.

4/14/11: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against the Continuing Resolution

Senator Lee explains the enforceability of a balanced budget amendment

Senator Pat Toomey Explains That Failing To Raise Debt Limit Doesn’t Cause Default

Neither the Republican nor Democratic Party Fiscal Year 2012 budget proposals are the road to peace and prosperity but a Tea Party budget with balanced budgets most definitely is:

Which Budgets Are Balanced And Living Within The Means of The American People?


4/5/11 Republican Leadership Press Conference

Republican Party Budget Proposals

S-1 FY2012 Chairman’s Markup

(Nominal Dollars in Billions)

Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues Deficits Debt Held By Public
2011 3,618 2,230 -1,388 10,351
2012 3,529 2,533 -995 11,418
2013 3,559 2,860 -699 12,217
2014 3,586 3,094 -492 12,801
2015 3,671 3,237 -434 13,326
2016 3,858 3,377 -481 13,886
2017 3,998 3,589 -408 14,363
2018 4,123 3,745 -379 14,800
2019 4,352 3,939 -414 15,254
2020 4,544 4,142 -402 15,681
2021 4,739 4,354 -385 16,071
2012-2021 39,958 34,870 -5,088 n.a.

Sen. Toomey Unveils his FY 2012 Budget

Senator Toomey’s Floor Statement on his 2012 Budget

Senator Pat Toomey Talks with Michael Medved about his Budget

S-1 FY2012 Senator Pat Toomey(Nominal Dollars in Billions)
Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues DeficitsSurplus Debt Held By Public
2011 3,625 2,230 -1,351 10,351
2012 3,477 2,538 -919 11,418
2013 3,485 2,964 -521 12,217
2014 3,509 3,216 -291 12,801
2015 3,623 3,391 -233 13,326
2016 3,765 3,524 -241 13,886
2017 3,853 3,736 -117 14,363
2018 3,955 3,916 -39 14,800
2019 4,140 4,108 -32 15,254
2020 4,302 4,325 23 15,681
2021 4,493 4,566 73 16,071
2012-2021 38,602 36,304 -2298 n.a.

Democratic Party Budget Proposals

S-1 FY2012 President’s Budget

(Nominal Dollars in Billions)

Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues Deficits Debt Held By Public
2011 3,819 2,174 -1,645 10,856
2012 3,729 2,627 -1,101 11,881
2013 3,771 3,003 -768 12,784
2014 3,977 3,333 -646 13,562
2015 4,190 3,583 -607 14,301
2016 4,468 3,819 -649 15,064
2017 4,669 4,042 -627 15,795
2018 4,876 4,257 -619 16,513
2019 5,154 4,473 -681 17,284
2020 5,442 4,686 -735 18,103
2021 5,697 4,923 -774 18,967
2012-2021 45,952 38,747 -7,205 n.a.

Tea Party Budget Proposals

S-1 FY2012 Tea Party’s Balanced/Surplus Budget(Nominal Dollars in Billions)
Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues Surpluses Debt Held By Public
2012 2,500 2,500 0 10,900
2013 2,800 2,800 0 10,900
2014 3,000 3,000 0 10,900
2015 3,200 3,200 0 10,900
2016 3,300 3,300 0 10,900
2017 3,400 3,500 100 10,800
2018 3,500 3,700 200 10,600
2019 3,600 3,900 300 10,300
2020 3,700 4,000 300 10,000
2021 3,800 4,300 500 9,500
2012-2021 32,800 34,200 1,400 n.a.

George H W Bush read my lips

Boehner on GMA: To Create Jobs, Let’s Cut Spending & Stop The Tax Hike — Now

The Republican Party establishment still does not get it nor are they listening to the tea party movement or the American people.

The tea party movement is being betrayed by the Republican Party establishment in Washington D.C. by Senators Toomey, Lee, Rubio and DeMint and House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan.

Senator Paul’s proposed a  budget that would be balanced in five years, Fiscal Year 2016; it was defeated in the Senate by a 90 to 7 vote.

Senator Toomey’s proposed a budget that would be balanced in nine years, Fiscal Year 2020; it was defeated in the Senate by a 55 to 42 vote.

Representative Paul Ryan’s proposed a budget that would be balanced in the late 2030s; it was defeated in the Senate by a 57 to 40 vote.

President Obama’s proposed a  budget that would never be balanced; it was defeated in the Senate by a 97-0 vote.

So much for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.

Keep in mind that not one single proposed budget is balanced for Fiscal Year 2012.

All of the above proposed budgets would add between $500 billion to over $1,000 billion to the National Debt for Fiscal Year 2012 alone.

Clueless and in denial does not even begin to describe how reckless and irresponsible these people are.

The American people deserve better.

Starting this year, all fiscal year budgets from here on out must be balanced by cutting spending outlays including the closing of Federal Departments.

Taking five, ten or even twenty-five years to balance the budget is simply neither serious nor fiscally responsible.

Gentlemen, your plans do not live within the means of the American people.

Gentlemen, your plans are fiscally irresponsible and your budgets are massively unbalanced.

Gentlemen, your plans would increase the National Debt by several trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Gentlemen, your plans would not get the American economy on a high growth path needed to create over 30 million new full-time jobs that are needed now and not in ten years.

Gentlemen, your plan is a disappointment and a disgrace.

Stop protecting the Congressional Budget Office’s budget baseline and in turn the Federal Government Departments, and start balancing the budget in Fiscal Year 2012 by permanently closing Federal Departments, agencies and programs.

My sincere congratulations to the Republican Party establishment in Washington D.C., you are repeating the mistakes that led to the Republican Party losses in 2006 and 2008.

Only Senator Rand Paul’s proposed Fiscal Year 2012 Budget proposal comes close to understanding the scope and urgency of the fiscal crisis.

Unfortunately, the Federal Government does not have the luxury of waiting five years to balance the budget.

In less than three years the economy will be in another recession as a direct result of Congress not balancing the budget in a timely manner.

By then the credit rating agencies will have downgraded Treasury debt and interest rates will be significantly higher making matters even worse.

Any Senator or Representative that votes for either Senator Toomey’s or Representative Ryan’s plan deserves to be defeated in the next election.

Budget to the estimated tax revenues not the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) budget baseline.

Streamline the Federal Government by closing ten Federal Departments.

Cap the National Debt Limit at $15,000 billion and start paying off the National debt within five years.

Cut the budgets of the remaining Departments including the Department of Defense by 20% and total compensation for all Government employees by 20%.

Pass the FairTax with a 25% (excluding the tax) or 20% (including the tax) national retail sales consumption tax on the sale of new goods and services to replace all Federal taxes.

The United States of America needs to return a peace and prosperity economy with a constitutional republic that is limited in both size and scope.

The United States of America needs to abandon the warfare and welfare economy with a collectivist state that is not limited in either size or scope.

The American people want a choice not an echo of President Obama’s Democratic Party Fiscal 2012 budget proposal.

Gentleman, back to the drawing boards–start cutting and balancing–earn you pay.

It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

Government is the Problem – Reagan

“…The system of banking we have both equally and ever reprobated. I contemplate it as a blot left in all our constitutions, which, if not covered, will end in their destruction, which is already hit by the gamblers in corruption, and is sweeping away in its progress the fortunes and morals of our citizens. Funding I consider as limited, rightfully, to a redemption of the debt within the lives of a majority of the generation contracting it; every generation coming equally, by the laws of the Creator of the world, to the free possession of the earth he made for their subsistence, unencumbered by their predecessors, who, like them, were but tenants for life…
And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large-scale. …”

~Thomas Jefferson

Background Articles and Videos

U.S. Debt Rating Drops to “Negative”

Summary of Outlays, Revenues (Receipts), Deficits, Surpluses Fiscal Years 1980-2010(Nominal Dollars in Millions)
Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues (Receipts) Deficits (-), Surpluses
1980 590,941 517,112 -73,830
1981 678,241 599,272 -78,968
1982 745,743 617,766 127,977
1983 808,364 600,562 -207,802
1984 851,805 666,488 -185,367
1985 946,344 734,037 -212,308
1986 990,382 769,155 -221,277
1987 1,004,017 854,288 -149,730
1988 1,064,417 854,288 -155,178
1989 1,143,744 991,105 -152,639
1990 1,252,994 1,031,958 -221,036
1991 1,324,226 1,054,988 -269,238
1992 1,381,529 1,091,208 -290,321
1993 1,409,386 1,154,335 -255,051
1994 1,461,753 1,258,566 203,186
1995 1,515,742 1,351,790 -163,392
1996 1,560,484 1,453,053 -107,431
1997 1,601,116 1,579,232 -21,884
1998 1,652,458 1,721,728 69,270
1999 1,701,842 1,827,452 125,610
2000 1,788,950 2,025,191 236,241
2001 1,862,846 1,991,082 128,236
2002 2,010,894 1,853,136 157,758
2003 2,159,899 1,782,314 -377,585
2004 2,292,841 1,880,114 -412,727
2005 2,471,957 2,153,611 -318,346
2006 2,655,050 2,406,869 -248,181
2007 2,728,686 2,567,985 -160,701
2008 2,982,544 2,523,991 -458,553
2009 3,517,677 2,104,989 -1,412,688
2010 3,456,213 2,162,724 -1,293,489

For a history of the Federal Government’s Receipts (Revenues), Outlays, and Deficits and Surpluses

Senate votes down controversial House budget

“…Joined by several moderate Republicans, Democrats controlling the Senate rejected a controversial House budget plan for turning Medicare into a voucher-like program for future beneficiaries.

Five Republicans joined every Democrat in the 57-40 vote killing the measure, which calls for transforming Medicare into a program in which future beneficiaries _ people now 54 years old and younger _ would be given a subsidy to purchase health insurance rather than have the government directly pay hospital and doctor bills.

Democrats said the GOP plan would “end Medicare as we know it,” and they made it the central issue in a special election Tuesday in which Democrats seized a longtime GOP district in western New York, rattling Republicans.

Among the moderate Republicans that opposed the stringent House plan were Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Tea-party favorite Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky opposed plan from the right since it doesn’t actually balance and would add trillions of dollars to the U.S. debt. …”

“…Republicans have been blasting Democrats on a daily basis for their failure to produce a budget, saying they’re failing to live up to their responsibility as the Senate’s majority party.

“At a moment when our debts and deficits threaten the very future of our nation, Democrats have no excuse for proposing no vision of their own,” said Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The top Republican on the Budget panel, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, hasn’t offered an alternative, either, though conservative Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., and Paul offered stringent plans that would bring the budget into balance.

Toomey’s plan would have produced a balanced budget by 2020 and received 42 GOP votes.

Paul offered a budget that he said would produce a surplus by 2016 by eliminating four Cabinet departments, aid to Israel, and a wide variety of programs for the poor. It failed by a 90-7 vote. …”

Senate votes down Toomey’s budget plan

“…Sen. Pat Toomey’s proposal to balance the budget in nine years was defeated in the Senate today, though his plan proved to be the most popular budget rendition to hit the floor.

By design, all four votes failed as bipartisan budget talks continue. Mr. Toomey, who serves on the Budget Committee, drafted a plan that earned all but three Republican votes but not a single Democrat, falling 42-55.

In his early months on the job Mr. Toomey has quickly positioned himself as a key conservative voice on fiscal matters.

“He has worked as hard or harder than maybe anybody on the committee,” the top Budget Committee Republican, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, said on the Senate floor after Mr. Toomey spoke about his bill.

The plan would produce a small surplus by its tenth year through $4.2 trillion in savings from Congressional Budget Office projections of current policy, with no increases in revenue as a percentage of the economy. It avoids the politically perilous changes to Medicare in the House Republican budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan, which got two fewer votes than the Toomey plan Wednesday.

Mr. Toomey vocally supported and voted for Mr. Ryan’s plan to turn the seniors’ health insurance program into a voucher-like system, but those changes would be incorporated more than a decade down the road, while Mr. Toomey said his budget is focused on more immediate goals.

“I’m introducing an alternative budget because I want to focus the nearer term,” he said in a floor speech. “My focus is just these next 10 years, because I think we’ve got a crisis staring us right in the face and we’ve got to deal with it now.” …”

Read more:


Dick Armey Part 1

Dick Armey Part 2

Dick Armey Part 3

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