Pronk Pops Show 5: October 27, 2010: Democratic Party National Attack Ad Campaign On FairTax–Videos

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Pronk Pops Show 5: October 27, 2010

Democratic Party’s National Attack Ad Campaign and The FairTax

Please pass this information on to all FairTax supporters and your friends and neighbors.

The FairTax:

  • Enables workers to keep their entire paychecks
  • Enables retirees to keep their entire pensions
  • Refunds in advance the tax on purchases of basic necessities
  • Allows American products to compete fairly
  • Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy
  • Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding
  • Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation
  • Abolishes the IRS

We offer a library of information throughout this Web site about the features and benefits of the FairTax plan. Please explore!

“…The FairTax is nonpartisan legislation (HR 25/S 296) that replaces all personal and corporate income taxes, all payroll taxes like Social Security and Medicare, estate, gift, capital gains, alternative minimum, and self-employment taxes with a progressive national sales tax. …”

The official FairTax channel on YouTube

The official FairTax channel on YouTube

What is the FairTax legislation?

For More Information and Videos Visit

The official FairTax channel on YouTube



I am an independent and my political philosophy is classical liberal or libertarian.

I want limited government and the FairTax.

I support and will vote for candidates for office who also want the FairTax to replace the existing Federal taxation system.

A growing number of Americans including Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Tea Party Patriots and others want the FairTax.

Mike Huckabee – What is the “Fair Tax?”

Mike Gravel – On Fair Tax

Ron Paul on Taxes

The Fair Tax

Neal Boortz Explain the FAIRTAX


The FairTax is a national retail consumption tax that replaces most if not all Federal taxes and sends a prebate each month to every American to cover the taxes for the basic necessities of life.

The FairTax would replace existing Federal taxes including personal income taxes, payroll taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, capital gains taxes, alternative minimum taxes, corporate taxes, estate taxes and gift taxes with one national retail sales consumption tax on the purchase of new goods and services–the FairTax.

The FairTax: It’s Time

The FairTax


The Democratic Party has launched a last minute dirty tricks attack ad campaign, both onair (radio and television) and online (YouTube and paid ads on blogs including this one), to say that various Republican candidates that support tax reform and the FairTax want an additional 23% national sales taxes.

This is a lie and the Democratic Party and their desperate candidates know it.

Here are just a few examples that appeared on YouTube:

John Boozman: Excited About National Sales Tax

We Can’t Afford Millionaire Tim Burns and his 23% National Sales Tax

Sydney Hay: A New 23% Sales Tax (AZ-01)

Dan Benishek’s Bad Idea – 23% Tax on Nearly Everything You Buy

Mark McBride supports a 23% sales tax for Myrtle Beach

Andy Harris Doesn’t Have a Clue

Republican candidates who support the FairTax want to replace all Federal taxes with a broad-based consumption or retail sales tax on the purchase of new goods and services.

Yes, the rate would be 23%.

However, you would not be paying any of the above taxes and would be receiving a monthly prebate to pay the taxes on basic necessitates.

This means there would be no deductions from you payroll check for any Federal taxes.

Your gross pay would be the amount on your paycheck–there would be no Federal deductions.

Please visit the site for more information and a detailed response to the lies and distortions in the Democratic Party’s attack ads on the radio, television and in YouTube videos clips, web sites and blogs:

About The FairTax

The American people are not stupid.

The American people are paying attention.

The American people know that the Democratic Party supported and passed in the House of Representatives the Cap and Trade bill that would have been the largest tax increase in American history had it been enacted into law.

The American people know that the Democratic Party wants an additional new tax, the Value Added Tax, if the Cap and Trade Energy Tax did not pass.

The American people know the Democratic Party wants to let the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 lapse at the end of 2010.

The American people know the Democratic Party wants all these new taxes to expand the size and scope of the Federal Government.

The American people know the Democratic Party wants to force you to buy a health care insurance plan or you must pay a tax fine or penalty.

The American people know the Democratic Party will never cut Federal Government spending, budget deficits, entitlements or the national debts.

The American people know the Democratic Party wants more spending, more deficits, more debts, and more taxes.

The important point to remember is the FairTax would replace all these other Federal taxes and would not be an additional tax on top of these existing taxes.

The FairTax provides a prebate or check to every American to pay for the taxes on basic necessities such as food and clothing.

Under the FairTax most Americans will pay less taxes than under the existing Federal tax system.

The Democratic Party is lying to the American people by not disclosing that the 23% sales tax would replace the current complicated Federal income, payroll, estate and gift taxation system.

The FairTax would also spur economic growth and create jobs.

Do not be fooled by the Democratic Party’s last-minute attack ad campaign to scare you and your family.

Do not vote for candidates, Democrats or Republicans, that would lie to you about taxes and spending.

When people lie to me, I do not trust them.

I do not do business with them and I certainly do not vote for them for public office.

The Democratic Party and those Democratic candidates who are using the FairTax’s 23% tax rate to attack their opponents have made a huge mistake.

The FairTax attack ads will incense and energize the political base of those in favor of tax reform that include Democrats, Republicans, Independents, libertarians, conservatives and the Tea Party Patriots.

After cutting Federal Government spending and repealing Obamacare, the reform of the Federal tax system and its replacement with either a flat income tax or the FairTax is very high priority of movement conservatives and libertarians.

By simply telling the truth, those who have been attacked in these ads will show that their Democratic opponents are both liars and hypocrites.

This does, however, require funds or campaign contributions to run the ads replying to attacks on radio and television.

Time for the Republican Party to step up to the plate and support the FairTax.

Will they do so?

Not likely.

Unfortunately they will not for the simple reason the Republican establishment supports the existing Federal income taxation system to attract campaign contributions from special interests that want changes in the tax code and regulations.

The major change the Republicans would support is a flat tax with one or two brackets.

Both the Democratic and Republican establishments fear the FairTax.

The American people need to support candidates who fully support the FairTax.

Please pass this information on to all FairTax supporters and your friends and neighbors.

Background Articles and Videos

More Boortz: When Democrats Attack the FairTax!

“…Here’s the cherry on the FairTax sundae. When the FairTax plan was being developed it was thought, and people in focus groups confirmed, that nobody should ever have to pay a penny of their earnings to government until they had first taken care of the needs of their family. What is the moral justification for allowing the government to seize a portion of your earnings before you’ve taken care of your family’s needs for the basic necessities of life? The designers of the FairTax were determined to find a solution to this problem, and came up with the “prebate.”

The government publishes Federal Poverty Guidelines every year. These figures are supposed to represent the amount that families of varying sizes would have to spend every year to meet their basic needs. The FairTax plan calls for every head of household in the country – legally in the country – to get a “prebate” at the beginning of each month equal to the amount of the FairTax that person will pay during the following month while purchasing those basic necessities. That poverty level for a family of four is $22,050. This equals $1,837.50 per month in spending, of which $423 would be FairTax. At the beginning of each month this head of household would receive a credit to his checking account, debit card or credit card in the amount of $423. This means that no citizen or legal resident of this country would ever pay one penny in tax to the federal government before his or her family needs were met. The prebate is what caused a focus group participant to blurt out “Well, that’s a fair tax!” Hence the name.

Are there downsides to the FairTax? Yes, as a matter of fact — one huge downside, if, that is, you’re a member of the political class. The FairTax would be the most massive transfer of power from government to the people since this country was founded. Politicians have this strange aversion to giving up power. Another problem is that, as Democrats are now illustrating, the FairTax is very easy to demagogue. If honesty isn’t your forte you can tell people that your opponent wants to add a 23 percent sales tax to everything you buy without including the pesky little details. As says: “Our bigger issue with the Lincoln ad – and a number of similar ads being run against Republicans who have had nice things to say about the “Fair Tax” – is that it highlights support for a 23 percent national sales tax but fails to mention that it would replace federal income taxes. No matter what you think of the plan, that’s a very deceptive omission.”

When you condense over 100,000 words from two books into one column of around 2000 words, much must remain unsaid. There’s the economic and jobs growth that would result from a system wherein people could do business without any tax component on capital and labor. There’s the $300 to $500 billion in annual tax compliance costs that would be eliminated. That’s just for starters.

If you want more information perhaps the two books mentioned at the beginning of this column might be a good place to start. There’s also a great deal of information at

The midterms are approaching. Take some time to look behind the ads. …”


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